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River Thames, London

End to end capabilities across all aspects of investment, real estate and transformation.

A willingness to undertake ambitious and considered projects, to challenge the status quo and collaborate with a range of retained partners to generate the right solutions are key elements in our approach.

These, combined with patience, thoughtfulness, experience and humility, lead to achieving great outcomes.

Middle East
Market Advisory

The team at Black Oaks have served as Senior Advisor to the Chairman, Lootah Holding, UAE since 2014 and Chairman, Al Khorafi Family Office, Kuwait since 2008. We continue to undertake retained advisory mandates to deliver strategic development for our clients. 

CENTRETAIL provides retained advisory and investment services to clients seeking to develop, restructure or exit retail asset portfolios.

Pacific Ocean Group specializes in strategic, tactical and operational supply chain transformations, end-to-end logistics planning and industrial asset management, and global commodities and raw materials procurement.

MAGAN & GANLEY source, develop and manage prime off-market real estate investment and development opportunities for family offices located in continental Europe, the US and Middle East.

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Venture Capital

Black Oaks Capital builds investment partnerships between founders and investors to identify, unlock and deliver strategic business development, investment and capital raising opportunities that achieve consistent revenue and asset value growth.

Black Oaks Capital is under formation at the Dubai International Financial Center for the purpose of managing a Venture Capital Fund regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority's Collective Investment Funds Regime.

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