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Who is

Black Oaks?

Great question. We are a retained consultancy specialising in Middle East market advisory and EMEA and US venture capital across focus segments of investment, real estate and transformation. 


We employ our decades long experience, bold thinking and global expertise to unearth and unlock market opportunities aligned with amazing founders and investors committed to delivering innovative, sustainable ventures for governments, enterprises, communities and people. Let's call this our "Foundation".

As we explore and collaborate on targeted opportunities, a common thread usually begins to weave across like minded people; people who support collective long term goals over near term individual accolades. It's at this stage that our purpose for being, our Foundation, is pivotal in assessing prospective opportunities for their real world application, ideology and exponential growth.

Central to the process is strategic integration with our Portfolio Management Framework (PMF), ensuring two or more of our operating segments engage on each project. The PMF integrates Black Oaks Direct Investments with an Affiliate framework, greatly enhancing unified market penetration and sustained development.

At Black Oaks we recognise that the physical environment is not the full storyline. Digital technology and data provide significant opportunities to enhance what we create and integrate with legacy protocols. We're on a mission to invest and partner in the development of digital capabilities that transform the wellness and connectivity of people, processes and places.

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The Black Oak Tree.

- Field Naturalists, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

"Casuarina Pauper, known as Black Oak commonly appear as stands in stony clay or sands"

Welcome to the majesty of the Flinders Ranges, the largest mountain range in South Australia stretching for over 430 km. Forged over more than 540 million years with ancient gorges and sunsets painted onto uninterrupted horizons.


"The geological grandeur of a beautifully rugged and colourful landscape in a timeless land of history and wonder".


The Flinders Ranges is long regarded as one of the most magnificent destinations anywhere in the world and engrained in our Founder's heritage. As a native species of the Flinders Ranges, the Black Oaks serve as the poignant embodiment of this legacy.

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 The Black Oaks 

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