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We adopt a consultative approach, aligning our shared aspirations to build sustainable partnerships for long term success.

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The Black Oaks Portfolio Management Framework (PMF) spans Australia, EMEA and the United States, providing founders and investors with integrated capability to create and deliver a range of global opportunities tailored to the needs of institutional investors. 

The competitive edge generated by PMF integration is realised in many ways.


1. Integrated services enhance collective resources, outputs and value

2. Shared knowledge and ability across the whole value chain to maximise returns 

3. Access to third party leveraged capital to improve net equity returns

4. Founder and investor origination capability

5. Execution excellence through structured milestones and delivery

6. The best people that are attracted to the best mandates

Black Oaks ability to source and support deal-flow, together with our financial markets strength and proven

end-to-end track record, provides a point of difference we believe places us ahead of the curve when two or

more of our operating segments of investments, real estate and transformation engage on the same project.


Access to institutional grade investment opportunities

Strong relationships with institutional capital partners

Differentiated end-to-end skills to add value at origination level

Trusted fiduciary and governance structures, markets and partners

Real Estate

Focus in prime city markets

Capital efficient business model

Long term investment partnerships

Scale across gateway cities 


Delivery capability supports integrated PMF

Specialist expertise and relationships in core sectors

Deep project management skills and experience

Equity Allocations


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Portfolio Management
Framework (PMF)

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- Chairman, Lootah Holding
“I have worked with all the CEO’s across my Holdings since their inception and thus I can strongly state that the resilience and single handed efforts that Benjamin has put to manage the different challenges, from leasing and asset management to managing Construction, was far superior to all the other CEOs by a very big margin".

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